Development of managerial skills

It has been certain for years that the appointment of industrial jobs by experts gets increasingly difficult. All the more difficult it is in an experience based environment like a foundry to appoint employees to leading positions who also have the necessary leadership ability and will besides expertise. The operating return of the enterprise is determined substantially on the different executive levels by foreman up to the heads of department.

Less performance in the area of the leadership responsibility is therefore tolerated often because the expertise is available. This often results in an inadequate team performance, increasing absence times by illness, and a disturbed working atmosphere. The resulting step of the detachment of the executive can be only the last solution, from the aspect of the lack of quality personnel.

The PTM Foundry Consulting cooperates with foundry experienced experts from the area of human resources development to bring executives home to the meaning of their task. As a change in leadership coaching for young executives the new role is determined, responsibility but also competence marked out. It is not a simple step to turn from a colleague to a boss. We give techniques to enable the young executive to be equal to your requirements and expectations more easily. Our experiences with change in leadership coaching: it increases the probability of a positive development considerably. And nothing is as expensive as a wrong personnel decision.

A further main emphasis is the development of managerial skills. Clear target-settings and expectations to your executive are the prerequisite for our work during the executive coaching. Depending on the individual requirement, "development" or "last chance", we coordinate the procedure with you.

The participants of the coaching can rely absolutely on confidentiality agreed on before because only an open dialog between coach and executive guarantees a productively and trustingly cooperation.