The processes aren't purposeful and insufficient at your enterprise. Your stocks are too large, lack of space, a variety of intermediary transports and many re-machining and yield lead to a decrease in productivity. Production start is delayed and leads to uncalculated costs. The obtained prices are no longer adequate. As a consequence the enterprise results deteriorate insidiously, then considerably. You want to expand but reach the limit everywhere.

We offer a complete analysis of all processing steps, all producing and production near departments as well as all machines. Where ever possible we try to fix numbers and data, detect connections, bottlenecks and weaknesses. We carry out interviews at all employee levels. We want to know how you work, exchange information, initiate and realize our common improvements.

Process, technology and management are subjected to a detailed inspection. We combine our expert knowledge with your experiences and make suggestions to tighten your processes, to improve quality and increase productivity and profitability.

Together we discuss what you are able to achieve by the suggested measures on your way to a "lastingly profitable enterprise". We offer you also our support during practical realization of the measures that you can be sure: We only suggest what we are able to realize and take care for.